You can buy an ‘instant mix’ and add water or you can buy ready-made gum paste, but I prefer to make it myself using my own gum paste recipe. Here is the gum paste recipe that I used for many years and it produces extremely good professional results.

Instant flower paste

A lot of professional cake decorators use commercially prepared flower paste for making sugar flowers and they are very satisfied with their results. If you buy any make sure they are not past their ‘sell-by’ date or there’s a chance your results will be less than perfect.

If you use a commercial brand of gum paste, buy it from a reputable supplier so follow this link to find a selection of products on our sugar flower supplies page.

Gumpaste Recipe from scratch

It’s advisable to know how to make gumpaste from scratch in case you cannot obtain the commercial products or if you don’t achieve successful results with them.

The ingredients for making your own sugar paste will keep for a long time in your store cupboard. Gum tragacanth, gelatine and confectioners’ sugar should be kept sealed in a plastic bag in an airtight plastic box. The liquid glucose keeps very well in its own tightly sealed jar and the white vegetable fat will keep in the freezer. You will find the gum paste recipe if you follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Made by machine

There are two ways to make gum paste; one method is only suitable if you have a stand mixer with a strong motor because if you try to use a hand mixer there is a good chance you will burn out its weaker motor.

If you make sugar paste with a mixer it will be very white and after leaving it to rest for several hours, it will be ready to use with very little extra kneading.

Made by hand

Not everyone has a powerful stand mixer; but you can make it by hand and produce a very good gum paste.

Although the gum paste recipe is the same for making it by hand or by machine you will find that the end result will be slightly different. The reason is that not so much air is incorporated into the mix that is made by hand so it won’t be as white as gum paste made by machine. If you are colouring the flower paste before you use it then it won’t make any difference to your finished flowers.

The white secret

If you want to make white flowers then add a tiny speck of blue paste or gel colour to the liquid in the gum paste recipe while you are making the sugar paste. Most white, commercially made, flower paste has some blue colouring added to give it  extra whiteness.

Also, handmade gum paste will require several minutes of kneading before it is ready to use.


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